Rudi Khola - A Hydroelectric Project is proposed to be developed by Bindhyabasini Hydropower Development Company Ltd., with an installed capacity of 8.8 MW with 277 m net head and 3.7 m3/s (cumec) design discharge at Q40%. Initially, this project was intended as 6.8 MW run-of-river (RoR) type of project. However, the project layout concept has been revised adopted as tailrace project of Rudi-B with increased head and additional collection of Chhedewa to Rudi Khola.


Project Location & Accessibility

Major components of Rudi Khola - A Hydroelectric Project are located in Madi Rural Municipality, Province No. 4 (previously Mijuredanda VDC, Kaski district) but the headpond and collection schemes are located in Kwholasothar Rural Municipality, Province No. 4 (previously Pasgaun VDC, Lamjung district). Geographical coordinate of the project area is located between latitudes 28°13’51" N and 28°16’20” N and longitudes 84°1 1’00” E and 84°13’00” E.

The project site is accessible from Damauli via Rambazar (45 km) and also from Pokhara via Mungribesi. Project Description

The main components of the projects are collection headworks at Rudi Khola and Chheduwa Khola, collection headpond, gravel trap, desander, headrace pipeline, surge tank, penstock, powerhouse, tailrace, switchyard, 33kV transmission line and interconnection facilities. The headpond is located downstream of tailrace of Rudi - B and collection headworks are located within 200 m distance from the confluence of Chheduwa Khola with Rudi Khola. The conveyance structure is headrace pipeline of4.6 km long, 1.50 m diameter to the Surge tank of the project., which shall lead to 1,105 m long penstock which supplies discharge to powerhouse having two units of Pelton turbines. The power from project shall be transmitted to Mijure Danda substation by a 3.7 km long, 33 kV, double-circuit transmission line.


Project Output

The total energy generation is 46.9 GWh, with dry energy comprising of 8.8 GWh (18%) and wet energy contributing 38.1 GWh (82%).


Project Implementation and Construction

The design consultant for the project is Clean Energy Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (CEC) and responsible for updated feasibility report, detailed investigation, and detailed engineering design. The civil contractor is High Himalaya Hydro Construction Pvt. Ltd. (3HC), the hydro-mechanical contractor is North Hydro and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (NH), and the electro-mechanical contractor is TPSC (India) Pvt. Ltd. (TPSC).