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Message From Chairman

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On behalf of the Board of Directors of Group and all stakeholders, it is my extreme pleasure to introduce you to RM Group. RM Group is a team of versatile and prominent business leaders involved in multiples business ventures, having joined hands to converge their time and resources with a vision for Sustainable tomorrow by supporting the nation through developing clean hydroelectric power projects for our country and our Nepalese people. Our team's activities can be traced down to the year 1972, with the inception of RARA instant Noodles to International Trade, Veterinary Pharma Supplies, Software and Counseling, DTH Satellite TV Network, Banking and Insurance, Energy (Hydro Power) with the portfolio of 240 MW as of today. We realize that the world around us continues to dramatically transform even faster, therefore embarked on a journey to set generate 500 MW within the time span of 10 years.
The per capita Electricity Consumption of Nepal is significantly lower in comparison to US 13,426 KWH, World 2,977 KWH, China 2,944 KWH, India 1,010 KWH and Nepal's is less than 200 KWH, which mean the energy demand is yet to grown and helps us to realize the opportunity stands in front of us in the hydroelectric (energy) sector. We believe that this is the golden era of opportunity for Nepal and when backed by the development programs supported by the government, we are on the cusp of an economic growth revolution that will of larger scale in the years to come. One could choose to remain a skeptic or one could choose to embrace the optimism and opportunity as a team.
It is my promise that we will continue to invest and do our part to help the people wherever we operate. While strongly believe in Go Together, Grow Together has been the philosophy that has always driven us, it is the Grow Together part that make us more humane for the national benefit.
Our Value Proposition is very simply, our projects use the naturally available clean energy resources (water) of the nation to meet the energy challenges of the future. Hence, I invite you all to partner with us and help redefine the future of energy in Nepal.

Mr.Krishna Acharya

- Executive Chairman